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Its been one of those days ……we all have them ,Blocks, potholes, barriers to a good day. In saying  that there are days when we feel like giving up, days where hopelessness sets in, days when we realize how alone we feel with our fears .Days that have turned into nights .I  feel like I am looking at life from the outside in. A strange phenomenon, some sort of detachment and distant feeling from myself…..strangely, I have also become inherently aware of personality traits that are less than desirable .Its this journey of self discovery that has come along and ripped off this nice little Band-Aid I have been wearing. I am aware of the sting . I will take care of it now and it will heal, over time. Even though it seems like I have lost time , and we know that we don’t get that back, some of the most turbulent times in my life have gifted me the wisdom and compassion for all I need to move forward. So regardless of time and circumstance everything takes care of itself, I will just listen, to my inner voice and be grateful for another day that might just be ” One of those days.”